The Ilizarov Picture Gallery Page 3 [Lynne's Annex]

As Lynne has sent in some excellent pictures, which show how painful fixation can be in some cases, I thought that it was only fair to show both sides of the fixation coin.

Lynne's Hoffman fixator. This was only on for 9 weeks but was removed due to MRSA & non-union

Lynne's Hoffman

Lynne's Ilizarov. This was on for 8 months but due to suffering infection and what she describes as 'excruciating pain', Lynne finally threw in the towel and went for a full leg cast instead.

Lynne's Ilizarov

The two pictures below show Lynne's leg & fixator. Her pin sites are clearly visible and are obviously sore and inflamed. Lynne was unlucky enough to suffer problems both with antibiotics and pain killers having adverse reactions.
She is now hoping to adapt to a straight, unbending leg. As she says, we all take our mobility for granted. And even after 20 years of problems she's still not used to the prospect.
Lynne's frame Lynne's frame

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