A cycle accident leads to fixation (continued story)
Jonothan Bridges

Jonothan's Mother is kindly keeping me up to date with Jon's progress and also sent some more pictures shown below. I have also included her update on how he's doing and he seems to be fighting all the way. Good on yer son! [as we say over here!]

Below are pictures of Jonothan. His legs are looking pretty darn good.
He is walking with a walker and walks up to about 60 feet.
He is doing his exercises....if we could just bend that left knee a little bit more....

Last night he actually walked to the bathroom (with me in tow) with his therapy belt around his waist. This is a big milestone.

A shot of Jon's Tibia and fasciotomy
This is a picture of Jonothan's left leg with the fasciotomy covered with this Vaseline-type medicated gauze-type wrap. We no longer have to use this. Notice Jonothan's thumbs up signal. He is a strong kid. He has gone through a lot. His spirits are usually high, though.
Shot of Jon's fasciotomy
This is Jonothan's left leg without the wrap over the fasciotomy. He is going to have a scar here and on the other side of his leg. I have talked to him about plastic surgery, however, the word surgery is not in his vocabulary at this time. We'll discuss at a later date.
Another shot of the fasciotomy
Again, this is his left leg showing the fasciotomy.
Jon's left femur
A picture of Jonothan's left femur.
Picture of Jon's leg from the inside calf
Another picture of his left tibia, however, this one is from the inside calf area.
Another picture of Jon's femur
Another picture of Jonothan's left femur.

These pictures are usually taken during the fasciotomy and pin site cleanings. Jonothan has had two infections in his site areas, however, at this point, they are doing really well.
The doctor is talking about removing the external fixators and replacing them with a moveable cast. We'll see what happens on July 11 when we go to the hospital for another visit.
All-in-all, Jonothan is doing really well. I am very proud of him.

He is a strong kid.

Will keep you updated. Thanks. T.

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